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KBC Brussels Touch

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개발자: KBC Global Services NV
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KBC Brussels Touch makes online banking and insurance a cinch, anytime, anywhere. As easy as one, two, three.

Do more with KBC Brussels Touch.

– Check your account balance and transactions, see whats left to spend on your credit and prepaid cards and top up your prepaid card in real time
– Transfer funds in real time between your own accounts or to accounts at other banks
– Search for specific transactions and save them in a separate report
– Create and view statements of account
– Easily sign your transfers with your PIN without having to use your bank card and card reader (unless you transfer an amount that exceeds your limit)
– If you run a business, you can toggle with ease between your personal and business accounts, and keep your personal and business beneficiaries separate.
– See where your income comes from and where your expenditure goes
– Get a clear overview of your investment portfolio, with all its savings and investment products
– View your loans in detail, calculate your home loan and change when your home loan repayments are made and from which account
– Easily simulate and apply for an instalment loan
– Get an overview of insurance youve taken out, and calculate the cost of a car, family or home insurance policy.

And much more besides.
Find out all you can do with KBC Brussels Touch today.

Do you have any questions? Send an e-mail to or call the KBC Brussels Helpdesk
- NL: 02 303 31 71
- FR: 02 303 31 72
- EN: 02 303 31 73